Body, Interior and Trim


291g Rust Treatment

Provides one-step rust treatment that destroys old rust & prevents new rust. Just brush or spray on. Within minutes, rust is replaced by a durable black polymer coating that may be painted. Excellent protective primer. Specially formulated to be used with body filler and fiberglass. Can be used when temperature is between 10˚C and 32˚C and on surfaces which do not exceed 93˚C.
Suggested Applications:
Destroys rust on all automotive applications; trucks, trailers, storage tanks, pipes, valves, fences, guard rails, bulkheads, overheads, decks, hatch covers, agricultural equipment, plows, tractors, snow removal equipment etc.


297g All Purpose Spray Adhesive

Dries clear with superior bonding strength. For permanent or repositionable applications.
Unique formula resists water and humidity. Applications include porous and nonporous materials.
Suggested Applications:
Excels at attaching upholstery cloth, carpeting, floor mats, insulation, kick and silencer pads to metal, wood or KB board.