118ml Ultra Slick
Engine Assembly Lube

Proper lubrication of metal mating surfaces is essential prior to starting a new or rebuilt engine. Ultra slick adheres to component surfaces to prevent scuffing and galling during initial start up. This high quality formulation meets or exceeds OEM performance specs for engine assembly lubricants.
Suggested Applications:
Engine bearings, camshafts, lifters, valves, guides and rocker shaft assemblies.


290g Silicone Spray

Lubricates and waterproofs all types of mechanical equipment. Prevents locks, doors and windows from binding. High silicone formula does not attract dust or dirt. Protects and renews rubber mountings, bushings and weather-stripping. Prevents binding, sticking and deterioration. Non gumming. Will not mar paint, rubber or plastic surfaces. Waterproofs.
Suggested Applications:
Lubricates door locks, trunk lids, brake cables and rubber molding.


340g Belt Dressing & Conditioner

Extends belt life. Penetrates the cord fibres of V belts to restore pliability and flexibility. Prevents belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing. Eliminates squeaking and slipping.
Suggested Applications:
Fan belts, water pumps, power steering, sewing machines, washing machines, air conditioners, lawn mowers and power tools.


340g Fast Break Super Penetrant

Heavy-duty penetrant for rusted and frozen assemblies. Works quickly to penetrate and loosen rust, tar, grease, dirt, carbon deposits and corrosion from metal parts. Frees frozen nuts, bolts and fittings in all types of assemblies.
Suggested Applications:
Lubricates to free any corroded or seized part. Penetrates rust, scale, paint, varnish, carbon or gum.


141g Chain Lube

Cleans, lubricates, extends life and protects all types of roller chains, gears and cables that operate under exposed conditions. Easy-to-apply foaming action assures effective application. Repels dirt, sand and dust. Minimal “throw-off”. Contains no ODC’s.
Suggested Applications:
Ideal for any chain-driven tool or vehicle such as motorcycles, mopeds, chainsaws, lawnmowers and bicycles.


226.7g Multipurpose Lubricant
Environmentally Friendly

A biodegradable lubricant and penetrant that performs as well or better than traditional petroleum-based products. Formulated from a 100% renewable feedstock base, B-Force is safe to use for a variety of home, auto and industrial applications. Unlike petroleum-based formulas, B-Force will not pollute the water or soil and will not harm children and pets. It penetrates into close tolerance areas, providing a thin protective film that lubricates and prevents corrosion.
Suggested Applications:
Lubricates door hinges, latches, garage door tracks, seat tracks, brake cables, chains and air tools and thousands of other applications. Products frozen and rusted bolts, nuts and fittings.