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Super Glues and Instant Adhesives
From the world leader in cyanoacrylate, or super glue, technology comes from a complete line of adhesives designed to cover the vast majority of common automotive repairs and materials. From the revolutionary Ultra Bond, a high performance super glue, to Dr Bond adhesive, Permatex offers a wide range of instant adhesives to meet your many needs.

There is a trusted Permatex sealant for virtually any automotive sealing application. From windshields to vinyl tops to electrical connections, these well-known general-purpose and job specific sealants are cornerstones in the Permatex line.


Since 1909, quality Permatex products have been used in workshops, garages, and at racetracks around the world. Permatex continues to thrive and expand with exciting new and innovative products. Behind these products is the understanding that your needs are our primary concern. Our resources and people are organized to satisfy those needs. It is a market-driven concern for you and your customers that makes Permatex a leading edge manufacturer and supplier of innovative products that meet your customers’ needs. Innovation through research and development is a Permatex hallmark. We are continually enhancing our capabilities to provide you with a constant flow of new and improved products that will keep your customers coming back.


Customer-driven, cutting-edge products and leading brands…
OEM specified…
ISO 9001: 2000 certified…
NSF Registered…
Superior customer service…
Technological and merchandising innovations…
A variety of promotional campaigns and national advertising support…
These are the elements that define Permatex’s automotive product lines… the elements that give Permatex products the competitive edge…the elements that make Permatex products sell.


Changing engine designs have meant new and different gasketing requirements. Extended warranties, engine sensors and new component materials such as aluminium, bi-metal allowys and high-tech plastics, have created the need for superior RTV silicone gasket makers in both OEM production and service applications. Permatex gasket makers offer significant performance advantages, even in today’s complex vehicles. These include outstanding oil resistance, excellent torque retention and hi-temp, sensor safe properties. Permatex always has the right gasket maker for your application.


NOS Automotive Chemicals from Permatex achieve notable performance gains through the use of unique chemical blends and race proven technology. NOS Automotive Chemicals employ proprietary chemistries to enhance performance and engine life. NOS chemistries will boost octane, clean components and optimize engine efficiency. It is this commitment to quality, proven effectiveness and performance history that has made NOS a name that is synonymous with performance.


You need a waterless hand cleaner that really cleans without turning your hands into sandpaper. You need the strength to remove grease, grime, paint, adhesives and all other soils your working hands get into – plus conditioners to prevent your hands from cracking and drying out.

Permatex hand cleaners are the choice of working hands. For over 50 years, Permatex has offered high-quality hand cleaners and has maintained a leadership position through innovation and a concern for users’ needs. Wherever hands are getting dirty, there’s a place for Permatex hand cleaners. To meet your growing needs, Permatex offers a broad selection of product formulations and sizes. For the most difficult to remove soils… Permatex has the best products for your working hands.


Permatex Threadlocker adhesives are widely accepted in a broad range of applications. From delicate fuel injection components to heavy-duty transmission and engine assemblies. Specified by automotive OEM’s and approved for use on factory assembly lines, Threadlockers apply as liquids or gels, filling the space between threaded metal parts, curing to form a tough, adhesive bond and seal. Permatex Threadlockers are superior to conventional lock washers, nylon inserts and other mechanical devices because they secure the entire fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration, so fastener clamping forces are maintained. Threadlockers also seal the threads against leakage, preventing rust and corrosion. Available in a variety of strengths and temperature ratings, Permatex Threadlockers are simply the most reliable way to lock and seal threaded fasteners of all shapes and sizes, either before or after assembly.