Professional Repair System


Plastic Tank Repair Kit

Complete kit contains everything required for making professional quality permanent repairs in just minutes. State of the art components and easy-to-follow instructions with photographs. Repairs all types of plastic tanks. The repair resin is designed to harden within 8 - 10min and cures in 30min. Repairs can be made ideally at temperatures from 10˚C to 24˚C. Repairs cracks up to 4 inches in length and holes up to 3/8 inch in diameter.
Suggested Applications:
Ideal for cars, trucks, boats and RV’s, windshield washer reservoirs, radiator overflow tanks, coolant reservoirs, water tanks and waste tanks.


Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

Highly popular, our economical and effective kit works on exterior plastic lighting lenses to restore “like new” clarity, improving light output and appearance. Restores clouded, pitted, and yellowed lens surfaces. Each kit contains lens restoration polish, a polishing cloth, 4 wet/dry sandpapers, 1 pair latex gloves, and a simple instruction sheet.
Suggested Applications:
Headlight lenses.