Give Your Car a New Year Refresh

With the New Year comes a long list of resolutions that we aim to do in the coming year, along with a chance to start afresh in many ways. Your car is no exception! Get your car new year ready with these simple steps and you’ll be driving happy in 2016! Did you know that 16% of people never wash their cars? If you’re one of these people, make it your New Year’s resolution to start the year off clean and fresh by giving your car a good scrub. It’s well worth the trouble and you will probably get less frowns and shocked stares from your fellow road users. The outside is important, but the inside is where it matters. Have your seats and carpets cleaned to feel fresh while driving. Don’t just vacuum your seats and floors – get a good quality upholstery shampoo and make sure your car’s interior is completely clean – doing so might get rid of some undesirable smells as well. While you’re at it, get an air freshener as well. With many people, the boot of their car (and any empty seats) becomes a catchall for sports equipment, gym clothes, undelivered items and more (sometimes even discarded fast food packets). Now’s the perfect time to get rid of all that junk! If you’re carrying a heavy load, it might even be affecting your fuel efficiency, so make sure to empty your car of anything unnecessary this New Year. If you have any small problems you’ve been meaning to get fixed, now is the time to do so. We’re not talking about major issues – leave that to the professionals. Perhaps you have small cracks in your windscreen, a broken light, worn wipers, etc. Take an afternoon and go over your car to identify any small things that can be easily fixed and address it. Following these simple tips could have a significant impact on your driving experience, so go ahead and give your car a New Year refresh.