SuperCool Odor Buster Auto Fogger

Tired of having a smelly car? Get a fresher smelling vehicle in just 15 minutes! Freshen up with SuperCool’s Odor Buster Auto Fogger. This exceptional product eliminates odour that begins within the aircon system. It doesn’t just mask the smell – it eliminates the source! Plus it’s quick and easy to use, so your pride and joy can smell clean and fresh at all times! Odor Buster is especially effective at eliminating odours caused by mold, mildew, pets and tobacco smoke. Available in 3 fresh and enticing scents: Florida Breeze, New Car Scent and Vanilla Scent. Pick your favourite today! Click for more on SuperCool Odor Buster Auto Fogger SuperCool Odor Buster Auto Fogger

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