What Your Car Says About You

There are many considerations that go into buying a car, including fuel economy, the price of the car, its practicality and more. But when it comes down to it, what car you decide on does say something about you. Recent studies tell the truth.

Hatchbacks and Other Small Cars

Hatchbacks are valued for their relative affordability, small size and fuel economy. Studies show that people driving small cars tend to be pro-environmental and prefer to stay in higher density areas.

Luxury Cars

A study was needed to prove that drivers of luxury cars are status seekers? Yeah well, that was the outcome! In general, luxury car drivers are high-earning males. We’re not saying that all these drivers buy luxury cars purely for status. If you can afford it, why not?

Sports Cars

As with luxury cars, sports car drivers tend to be high-earning males seeking status. The difference is that sports car drivers tend to be adventure seeking as well.


If you think about it, loners would have no need for minivans. It’s no surprise then that most drivers of these vehicles tend to be family people living in the suburbs. This purchase is, on average, made for practicality’s sake.


Who have you seen driving around in bakkies? This group tended to be male, living in lower-density and even rural areas. This is probably because most farmers and tradesmen own them for work purposes, or because housing in high-density areas usually don’t have space for them. People purchase bakkies for a variety of reasons, from work to leisure, making this a difficult group to judge.


SUVs fall somewhere between bakkies and vans. While many are bought for their practicality as a family car, they’re generally also used for leisure activities like 4×4 trails. Studies have shown that SUV drivers tend to come from larger, high-income households. What are your thoughts on this?


This is not a category of vehicles, but we thought it worth mentioning. The colour of your car says a lot about you too – or at least influences the opinion that other drivers on the road have of you. A survey done in the UK has shown the following impressions created by colour:

  • Black: Aggressive, even rebellious
  • Silver: Cool, calm and collected
  • Green: Responsive
  • Yellow: Idealistic
  • Blue: Introspective and cautious
  • Red: Energetic
  • White: Pragmatic

Whether there is truth in these studies or not, what we drive sends a message to others.