What’s Happening with Top Gear?

While there is a lot of speculation over the future of Top Gear, the BBC has said that the show will definitely return to our screens in 2016. Without Jeremy Clarkson, it will already be a very different show, but reports say that fellow hosts, James May and Richard Hammond, are to follow Clarkson and leave the show as well. The hot topic of who will be replacing Clarkson has enjoyed much media attention lately. One rumoured candidate was Chris Evans; however, the Channel 4 presenter – not Captain America – has been reported as saying that such a move would “never happen”. Another rumoured hopeful for this coveted spot is Sue Perkins, female comedian and presenter of the Great British Bake Off. Whether or not Top Gear fans are ready for a female presenter, it is sure to change the dynamics of the show even more. Only time will tell whether the new Top Gear will live up to its past success. We’re hoping that the show survives and continues to inform and entertain us.

Never the less, we have your back!